31 Jan

Poetry Without Boundaries~Overview

The poetry presented here ranges from childish delight and wonderment, to adult angst and sorrow,  with accompanying illustrations to drive home a particular point, as needed.

A rating system of (P~X), shall be assigned to each title to facilitate parental guidance and individual preferences.

I truly hope that you enjoy these poems; perhaps, eyes shall open and imaginations widen.

Responsible feedback is appreciated.

Thank You.

Deirdre-Deborah Davin



Tá an file fíor an eagle.

The true poet is the eagle.


About Poetry Without Boundaries

16 Dec

All genres of poetry, in any language,  with no constraints.

(Poems are rated P-X for parental and reader’s guidance, only.)

Polite and constructive critiques and comments are encouraged.



All submissions shall receive replies.

*Poetry submissions, with or without media, shall be considered for publication  in this blog.

(*Subject to editorial board  recommendations,)

Your Poetry Belongs To You

Deirdre-Deborah Davin

The goddess Brighid was revered as the Irish goddess of poetry and song. Known for her hospitality to poets, musicians, and scholars, she is known as the Irish muse of poetry.



The Nine Muses In Greek Mythology


Calliope was the muse of epic poetry

Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry

Euterpe was the muse of lyric poetry and music

Euterpe, Muse of Music

Erato was the muse of love poetry

Erato, Muse of Love Poetry and Mimicry

Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry

Polyhymnia, Muse of Lyric Poetry


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